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Learn to make beautiful letters in the Foundational Hand, the ‘mother hand’ of calligraphy and the perfect starting point for beginners. Studying first the lower case then capitals, we will focus on the many practical everyday uses for this satisfying and absorbing skill.  Ideal for beginners, but ‘rusty’ calligraphers also welcome.

You will start with pen patterns, which are a fun and creative way to get to know the broad-edged calligraphy pen. These provide useful border decoration whilst gently introducing you to some of the pen strokes that help to make letterforms. This will lead seamlessly into letter shapes, studied in groups that repeat similar strokes and develop a good writing rhythm.

Letter and word spacing will follow, then fitting the capitals. Here you will put your writing to practical use by writing names, short phrases, words for signage, place cards and the like. 

You will use trouble-free fibre-tip pens, so that time is spent focusing on forming letters, rather than battling with your pen.

Skills/Techniques Covered:

  • holding the broad-edged pen at a consistent angle
  • determining the width of lines
  • making pen shapes/patterns that relate to letters
  • making consistent shapes, producing a ‘matching set’ of letters 
  • overcoming awkward combinations of letters
  • producing even letter and word spacing
  • putting capitals with small letters
  • arranging names or short messages on a page

Course Length:

  • 1 day

West Berks & Oxon Training

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Kilmarnock House
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